Where Do We Begin?

Photo of Brienna

Who I am.

Content Connoisseur. Most-likely to ask the tough questions. Always learning, always evaluating, and always ready to share an opinion.

My degree in Communication Arts & Sciences with a Minor in Graphic Design makes me a well-rounded individual with skills in many different creative areas, but I’m most interested in anything that falls into: Content Strategy, Operations, Content Strategy, Copywriting or Social Networking.

I have come up with great ideas in the past, and I’ll always continue to work towards creating the best strategy for whatever team I’m involved with. I take initiative to streamline clunky processes and I strive to make my work flow as efficient as possible.

According to Meyers-Briggs I’m an INTP, which means that I’m a firm believer in “break to build”. I like to figure out what the potential problems are and fixing them before considering an idea or a project complete. I’m not afraid to ask questions or question the logic that’s in place. I’m sure I’m pretty popular in meetings!

Photo of Brienna

What I do.

I design. I write copy. I brainstorm. I think outside of the box. I learn from the precedent. I work with stakeholders. I listen. I produce results that the company, department, and I am proud of. I also ignore the arbitrary rule that you shouldn’t start sentences with I.